Collection: Jeremy Koreski for Tofino General Hospital

Iconic photographer and Tofino native, Jeremy Koreski, worked with us to select prints that we felt best fit: darkness, protection, relaxation, listening, emergence, and most of all, togetherness.

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    Jeremy Koreski Gallery

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    Tofino General Hospital

    For the future of our kids.

About Tofino General Hospital

This small but mighty hospital gave us something no larger hospital did: hope. In our darkest hours, they had the guts to tell us they "don't really deal with severe mental illness". Ironically, and without knowing it, they were indeed better equipped for our situations than anyone else. They listened, and did so intently. They made us, and our brothers and sisters, feel heard and that united us. And they were willing to work with us and treat us as individuals.

And we cannot forget that there are two very selfless individuals behind a lot of the fundraising efforts at TGH. They work tirelessly to support the community and each other and all the kids want to say thank you.