Got Questions?

We love a good question and we're doing our best, as always, to listen.

We hope the below answers all of your questions (our business model is quite simple). If not, please reach out to us at weare[at], but note that in order to ensure our money is going to where it's needed most, we try to minimize our admin time and may take a few weeks to respond.

  • Who Are you?

    We are your sister. Your brother. In a divisive world in which we're all trying to win at the game of life, we ponder how powerful we'd be if we all worked together. The rich would have more paying customers, and indeed get richer. The underserved would rise together, helping themselves, their neighbours, and the rich. War would cease and be replaced by peace. Struggle, albeit inevitable, would be lessened. We believe we're better together.

  • Tackling mental illness is a big challenge, are you making promises you can't keep?

    We sure hope not. While we are going to be ruthless and urgent in our attempt to grow our bottom line, we are going to be careful and deliberate in how we allocate. We've learned that in most instances and irregardless of illness, it's indeed not money or expensive hospitals or high-salaried doctors that help. It's being a brother and sister to your fellow human.

  • Why are you doing this as a business and not a charity?

    We have learned that, as unfortunate as it is, big business gets attention and respect. It's backwards in our minds, but we are going to follow in the inspirational Yvon Chouinard's footsteps make a ton of money selling cool goods, cool music, cool stories, cool events and more, and putting all of that money to the future of our kids.

  • What is your main goal as a faceless corporation?

    We would love to eradicate suffering, but we understand that's not possible. While it's depths and severities may differ between us, we are all going to struggle. We cannot stop that. But we can work together, as brothers and sisters, to help lessen those struggles, because we think together we can make better. We can make beautiful.

  • Where does our money go?

    We listen to our brothers and sisters and do our best to understand what they need most. Then we act. We connect them with our front line brothers and sisters. We direct our profits to helping people help people.

  • How do we know you're not spending irresponsibly?

    We are going to post our bank statements on line each month to show money in, and money out. And if we make a mistake, you'll not only be able to see it, but we'll own up to it and work to rectify. We are human and it's going to happen. Currently, none of us are drawing a salary from our company. That may change as we grow, but it will be modest and we will only ever take what we need.

  • What is your logo?

    We realize that, much like mental illness, the tides, and whether directly or indirectly, affect everyone on our planet. And that regardless of whether we are falling or rising, that if we do so together, it can make the world a better place.