Invest in Beautiful

Own a Better Future

Bureaucracy often slows progression and in the cases of many amongst us, slowed our battle with mental illness. We have asked our lawyers how we can ensure the company belongs to our kids and how we can issue formal shares, but the complexities of such a structure were anything but simple—the irony was playing out in front of us.

Our Promise

While we work to figure out how to achieve the above without losing focus on what we're here to do, we've decided to keep things simple and make a promise: though this "company" legally sits in the hands of a few of us, all of the profits will always go to a better future for our kids. We will be forthright with every dollar earned, every initiative undertaken, and every dollar spent (we will post bank statements online monthly as a method of transparency).

And if at any point, you feel we haven't lived up to our promise, we will refund your money with no questions asked.

Ways to Invest

If you'd like to invest in United&Willing, simply go to our store and purchase "Beautiful". Or, if you bank within Canada, send us an e-transfer to